Tips For Celebrating Your Dog’s Birthday

Celebrating a Dog's Birthday

Celebrating a Dog's BirthdayIt has often been said that most people love their dogs as if they were their children. And in some cases, they love them more than their actual children! Either way, one thing is for sure– people love their pet dogs

Celebrating the birthday of a dog has become increasingly trendy. Some people might think you’re a bit over the top, but they don’t understand the bond you and your dog have, and the party’s not for them, anyway.

To celebrate your dog’s birthday, why not bake them a doggy birthday cake? You can get a cake mix that is created specifically with dogs in mind. Oh yeah– why not invite some social and friendly dogs over to help your pet share his or her cake? You can hang up decorations. Play songs like “Who Let The Dogs Out?” And give your dog a new toy to play with– wrapped in paper he or she has to open using his or her teeth and paws! Will your dog have more fun with the toy or the paper it was wrapped in?

If your community has a restaurant that caters to dogs, go there for your pet’s birthday celebration. Or, more likely, you’ve got a dog park nearby– that’s a great place for some fun times– a fun, outdoor area where your dog gets to run free and socialize with other dogs. Does your pet like to be pampered? Maybe for his or her birthday there could be a “spa day” at the local grooming salon? The more brushing and cuddling, the better, right?

You could get your dog a birthday card and write in it something funny or memorable he or she did during the past year. Then, year after year, keep that card and add new stories– or buy more cards if you run out of room. It’s kind of like a “doggy diary” that can collect good memories over the years.

Do you like to dress your dog up? For his or her birthday, get your pet a new outfit and take lots of photos. If you really want to make it memorable, wear something that coordinates with your dog’s outfit, so you two are like two peas in a pod. If you want to go one step further, hire a professional photographer for a “birthday photo shoot.” You’ll appreciate those pictures for years to come!

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