Tips for Teaching Your Puppy to Be Alone

Puppy Alone At Home
Puppy Alone At Home

There will come a day in every puppy’s life where they will have to be separated from their owner for an extended period, making it essential for them to get comfortable being alone.

Whether it be going to work, running errands or hanging out with friends, you’ll want to feel comfortable leaving your dog at home.

When you get them used to being alone in your home in the proper way, you’ll help ensure they can handle this time apart in an appropriate manner, and to even enjoy their time away from you.  

Start off slow

When you are getting your puppy comfortable being alone, it’s important to leave them alone for short spirts in n the beginning. 

It is suggested to leave them alone for 30 minutes to an hour at first in a comfortable space such as a roomy crate or bigger playroom.

Once they get comfortable, it is suggested to extend the time gradually. If the puppy is three months or younger, it is suggested to only progress to two hours of alone time. When they are three to six months old, you can increase their alone time up to four hours.

This gradual increase will allow them to get comfortable being alone and won’t create “a shock to their system” that could cause separation anxiety and other issues.

Leave your puppy alone when it eats

Another tip that will help your puppy be comfortable when alone is having them eat by themselves.

Since eating is one of the most pleasurable activities for a puppy, it will help teach them that it’s alright to be alone, and that it can actually be enjoyable.

Make sure they’re comfortable when you leave

Similarly, it is important to ensure that they are comfortable in other areas when you leave them alone.

This includes making sure they don’t have to use the bathroom, they have a proper amount of water, their favorite play toys, a comfortable bed to rest on and more.

When you leave them with their favorite chew toys, food puzzles and more they will again associate being alone with happiness and won’t be as likely to develop separation anxiety.

As an added tip, you can make sure they have a toy each time that you leave your home and then put it away when you get home so they will look forward to you leaving the house.

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