We Know You Mean Well: Avoid These Common Puppy-Raising Mistakes

Raising a puppy can be a challenging task, especially for first-time puppy owners. While we know that you’re doing your best, there is a lot of information out there about raising pups that can lead you in the wrong direction. Here are some common puppy-raising mistakes that you should avoid so that you and your pup enjoy a safe and happy life together.

Labradoodle TrainingInconsistency

Inconsistency is the top mistake that puppy owners make. For your pup to feel safe and loved in his or her new environment, you must be consistent with your training. If the rules change from day to day or week to week based on how you’re feeling, or even how you think your pup is feeling, it can create an uncomfortable living environment. For example, if your pup is not allowed to sleep in your bed, but you make an occasional exception, the nights that you banish your dog to the doggie bed downstairs will make your dog feel like he did something wrong. Inconsistencies like this can create feelings of anxiety and unhappiness in pups, and can become behavioral issues that grow worse as the years go on.

The Wrong Kibble

Lots of new dog parents also forego reading all of the ingredients on their pup’s food in favor of trusting well-known name brands and commercials. We encourage you to take a second look at what you’re feeding your dog, however. Many of the well-most known brands have artificial ingredients that could eventually be harmful to your pup. You want to make sure that you choose a kibble with wholesome ingredients that will nourish your dog completely and not just fill him of her up.


No matter how much your puppy cries and complains, proper hygiene is incredibly important to their health. We know that not all pups like to go to the groomers, have their nails clips or get their teeth brushed, but these things can make the difference between a healthy pup and a sick one. So put your foot down and take care of your pup’s hygiene. Once your pup is used to the routine, it’ll become easier for him or her to deal with.

We know that you love your dog and want to give them the best life possible. Avoid these common puppy raising mistakes, and your dog will live a long and happy life. For more information, check out some of our other posts or call us today at 877-850-2022.