What Do Dogs Teach Us About Life?

DogsDogs make wonderful companions and pets and have long been known as “man’s best friend” for good reasons. In addition to being great company, dogs are also able to share plenty of lessons with their human companions. These are a few of the things that dogs teach us about life.

Unconditional love

Dogs seem to naturally give unconditional love and loyalty to their human companions. You will probably never find a dog that stops loving its human because it did not get an extra treat. Dogs just love everyone around them unconditionally.

Enjoy the ride

How many times have you seen a dog riding with its face to the wind, just enjoying life? A dog does not stress over traffic, road construction, weather, or any other “negative” aspect of a ride. Dogs teach us to simply enjoy the ride and to enjoy the warm sunshine or wind in our face.

Play time

Any time is play time for a dog. Not only do dogs love to play, their play usually involves good exercise, whether that is running, jumping, or rolling around. Many humans would benefit from this dog lesson: Play more often, and try to play games that improve health.

Live in the present

Dogs seem to live in the present with no concern for the past or the future. While there is some value in planning for the future, we humans often spend too much time dwelling on a past we cannot change or a future we cannot control. We would do well to borrow this lesson from our canine friends and practice living in the present moment.

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