What Kind of Food should I be feeding my Australian Labradoodle?

*Disclaimer: The information in this blog post is based on my own personal experience and opinion.  It is not intended to replace consultation or medical advice from a qualified professional.*
With there being so many choices out there, how do know what to feed your Australian Labradoodle? The amount of information out there is overwhelming. But no matter what you should always make sure that you are feeding it something nutritious.
One way that you can go about it is feeding them raw foods. Dogs are able to eat raw foods when humans can’t, so many wouldn’t think to give it to their dogs. However, not everybody has the ability to do this. What to do if you are not feeding your Australian Labradoodle a raw diet:
The best way to go about checking out ingredients on your dog’s food is to make sure the ingredients are 50% meat, and 50% veggies. You don’t want to have cheap fillers in their meal.
What You Shouldn’t Feed Your Australian Labradoodle

  • Grains: While grains can be a source of long-term energy, they are also used in cheap foods as filler. If there are grains in your Labradoodle’s food then it should be whole grains, as to provide them more fiber and vitamins and minerals.

      • Vegetarian Habits: it is not natural for dogs to be on a vegetarian diet, as they are carnivores by nature. Can they get by on a vegetarian diet? Yes, but they will not thrive on it.


      • Preservatives: While these keep the food edible, make sure that they are not artificial preservatives because they have cancer causing agents. Great preservatives to use are vitamins E and C.


      • Non-Holistic: The most natural foods will have the most nutritional value. If you go for strictly dry food you may be causing your dog to miss out.


      • Toxicity for Dogs: Chocolate, grapes, nuts, raisins, and onions are toxic for all dogs.


      • Pork: If you decide to feed them raw meats, stay away from pork.


        Tips for Feeding Your Australian Labradoodle:

      • The best way to know what is in your Australian Labradoodle is eating, is for you to make the food yourself.


      • Talk to your vet to see what your Labradoodle’s special nutritional needs are.


      • When you switch to a different food or a whole different type of food, make sure to do so gradually so that you do not upset their stomach.


      • Although we all want the best for our dogs, our budgets tend to get in the way. Use what you have learned about ingredient lists in order to make the best decision that you can afford.


    • In order to get the best of both worlds, you can mix your dry food with canned food- dogs think they are getting spoiled!
      These do’s and don’ts will help you decide what is best for your Australian Labradoodle.