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Mabeline and Bailey’s Litter, Born January 30/31 2017

Medium Australian Labradoodle Litter, born Feb 1st and going home March 29th 2017

Chocolates, blacks, phantoms and  golds, 16 – 18 inches and 26 – 33 pounds.

Congratulations to Mabel and Bailey!  She has 11 new babies and all are doing well.  6 golds, 2 chocolate, a black, a sable and a black phantom.  3 girls and 8 boys. Most of her puppies look to have a fleece coat this time, tho there are a couple that do look more curly.  We will see how they grow up!

So this is Mabel!  She is a daughter of Lady out of a lovely boy named Ryder and she’s a superb Australian Labradoodle. We have just opened this litter list and we are excited to have a Lady daughter having puppies for us again!  Lady is a really superb example of the Australian Labradoodle breed and her daughter is just as nice as she is.  Mabel has a beautiful temperament and a gorgeous, glossy curly black coat.  She never makes strange  and has super stable personality.  She is the image of her her mom, just in black instead of white!  She has passed her health testing and we are looking forward to her puppies…

Well, due to ‘Murpy’s law’ we have had to rearrange our breeding plans for Mabeline.  It’s a good thing that she doesn’t mind!  Bailey is almost identical to Bentley but he’s a lovely gold colour instead of red.  So we do look forward to their puppies together!  Bailey is a social and outgoing guy who has a zest for life and a great personality.  He is a full sized mini boy, 26 pounds.  He has a great coat of wavy blonde fleece, which will complement Mabeline’s curly coat.  He also carries for chocolate and for phantom, so we will see phantoms, golds, chocolates and blacks in their litter together..  Here is a link to her litter from last winter.

I expect these puppies to be a nice full sized mini to medium sized litter.  Mom is 19 inches and 35 pounds, and dad is 16.5 inches and 26 pounds so we expect their babies will range between them in size.  This litter will be a multigen Australian labradoodle litter.

And here are their photos!

Sable Phantom Girl – Going to the M. Hansen family in Qualicum

What a cute puppy!  This gal is a quieter one, she settles in and gives delicate kisses but not face washes.  She will suit a family wanting a mild and gentle natured dog.  She has a lovely fleece coat and will finish out in the medium size range.

Chocolate Phantom Boy – going to the Pawlett family

This cutie is one of the smaller puppies in the litter (but he doesn’t know that!) and I love his phantom markings.  He’s fun and outgoing, but settles in nicely when we pick him up.  So he’ll be a great walking or hiking companion but should also settle down for couch time at home.  He has a fleece coat and a lovely personality.  He’d do well with children or grand children, I think.  I can pull just a few hairs from his coat and so I will discount him $200.

Spot Collar Blonde Boy – The Brown family

This cute fellow has a curlier coat and darker apricot ears.  He’s a smart fellow and is more towards mellow, I think.  He’s nicely put together and will make a good companion for a family wanting an easier going, gentle personality.  He’s going to be a smaller medium in size.

Black Stripe Collar Boy – going to the Devine family, Vancouver BC

This little sweetie is a social and sweet little puppy.  He has a lovely coat of curlier fleece and is a really nice pup.  He is likely to finish out in the medium size range.  He’s not a lazy couch potato, but also not hyper, he will make a lovely family pet.  With his gold ears and black nose, he is a super cute puppy!

Blue Collar Blonde Boy – The Wiltse family in Victoria

This cutie is one of the smaller puppies in the litter and he is super cute!  He has a nice amount of confidence and he likes cuddle time and likes to give kisses.  He has a wavy fleece coat and is a nice little boy.  He will suit a family with kids or grand kids.

Chocolate Girl – The Fraser family

One of the few girls in the litter, this little chocolate girl is a sweet one!  She has a curly coat similar to her mama and she is nicely confident and leans more towards moderate in energy.  She’ll be a fun and playful companion.  She is one of the bigger puppies in the litter and will finish out in the medium size range.


Black Phantom Boy – going to the Edwards family, Nanaimo BC

This boy is a handsome one!  He has lovely phantom markings and more importantly, he has a beautiful disposition!  He’s more on the mellow side, but he does like to play too.  He’s social and quite happy to meet new people.  He’ll make a great family pet.

Floral Collar Blonde Boy – The Powers family

This good looking boy is a chip off his daddy’s block, we think!  He’s got a lovely coat of non shedding wavy fleece and a cute chocolate nose.  Likes to give kisses too!  He’s more on the laid back side, but will be happy to go for walks and romps at the beach.  He’s going to finish out in the medium size range too.

No Collar Biggest Blonde Boy – The Kenyon family

What a handsome boy!  He is the biggest puppy in the litter and he’s a cuddler!  He is a pretty mellow boy, which is easy to live with. Super cute face and a lovely fleece coat, we like him a lot!  He’ll finish out as a full sized medium, we think.  He would make a great pet for a family with kids or grand kids.

Red Collar Blonde Boy –  The Sohi family

If awards were being given out for cute faces, this boy would be in the running!!  He has a super cute face and an engaging personality to match!  He is one of the smallest puppies in the litter and will finish out as either a very full sized mini or a smaller medium in size.  He’ll make a lovely pet.


Black Girl  – going to Bailey’s family

This charmer is just a sweetie!  I like her a lot.  She has a beautiful fleece coat and is a nicely put together little girl.  She will make a lovely addition to a family!


4 weeks!

Like mother…

like son…!

2 weeks!


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Deposits pre-booked for this litter:  

One puppy will likely be reserved for a breeding prospect in this litter, possibly two… which has been put at the bottom.

1  The Powers family, N Saanich BC

2  The Devine family, Vancouver BC

3  The Edwards family

4  The Fraser family, Vancouver BC

5  The Sohi family, Victoria BC

6  The Kenyon family

7  The Brown family

8  Copper Canyon

9  Bailey’s family

10. The Robillard family, Vancouver BC

11. The Hansen family, Qualicum Beach


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