The Benefits of Children Growing Up With Dogs

If you’ve been bouncing around the idea of getting your kid a dog, here’s the answer: you should. Why should children grow up with a dog in the house? There are many reasons.

First, a study in Finland found that babies who live with dogs get sick less because dogs cause babies to be exposed to more germs, it gets their little immune systems working better in order to prevent sickness– nice, huh? On a similar note, another study found that kids with dogs are 50% less likely to develop allergies and asthma than those who grew up without a dog in the home.

Dogs are good for people’s health in many ways. They help people lower their stress level(s), as well as blood pressure and heart rate. Kids with autism especially can benefit from having a dog, as the presence of the dog helps lower their stress level(s) and has been found to decrease the number of behavioral problems, too. Dogs also have a way of getting people of all ages to move more– they like to play, go for walks/runs, and seem to enjoy physical activities. Kids with dogs spend more time playing outdoors thanks to their pet!

With adults, sometimes kids can be intimidated and “shut down.” Not so with dogs, though, because animals seem to relieve kids of anxiety. For instance, a nervous kid might not want to read a book aloud in front of an adult, but will find no problem reading the book to their pet dog.

If your child has siblings, having a dog in the home can help them bond together. Ideally, they’ll share a common love for their pet, and share the responsibilities of taking care of their dog on a daily basis. Indeed, having a dog teaches kids what it’s like to take care of another living creature. They learn to be dependable and responsible for their dog. It takes patience and work, but in the end they’re rewarded with unconditional love from their beloved pet.

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