5 Winter Activities Your Dog Will Love

Little girl sitting outside and hugging her dog in the snow
Little girl sitting outside and hugging her dog in the snow

The cold weather and shortened days can leave you and your dog with a lot of pent-up energy. Although you may have the urge to hibernate in your home all winter long, you and your furry friend both need some exercise.

Here are five creative winter activities your dog will love and will get you burning some extra calories this snowy season.

1.A Winter Hike

There’s something so serene and peaceful about taking a hike through the forest with your furry friend. Dogs love to explore new scents and views, and it is much more exciting for them than the everyday romp through the neighborhood. It is important to make sure your dog is prepared and safe for the winter walk so they can be comfortable and protected from the elements. It would also be beneficial to invest in a dog ID locater tag, so if your pup runs off, you can ensure their location is secure and they are safe.


Packing the whole family up and going on a sledding adventure is a great way to include your dog in some winter fun. They will enjoy running up and down the sledding hill, or if you have a big enough sled, they can sit with you and enjoy the ride. If you put your dog in a harness and attach it to a sled, they might be able to pull your small kids around on the flat ground.


Skijoring is a cross between cross-country skiing and dog sledding and is perfect if you receive a lot of snow during the winter months. All you do is put a harness on your dog, clip into your skis and glide across the snow as your dog runs up ahead. Skijoring is better suited for medium to large athletic dogs like Australian Labradoodles.  

4.Scavanger Hunt

If you can’t make it out to the hiking trails, your backyard can suffice as a mini scavenger hunting ground for your pup. Have you and your family hide dog toys, tennis balls, treats, etc., in your backyard and test your dog’s tracking skills. Tracking is a great way to keep your dog’s sense of smell strong and improve their problem-solving skills. Your dog will stay mentally stimulated and get a lot of exercise running around. It’s a fun activity your whole family can enjoy in the comfort of your backyard.

5.Indoor Fun

Sometimes it is simply too cold for you and your pets to be outdoors safely. In that case, there are plenty of indoor activities you can do with your pets during the winter like, fetch, hide and seek, stair climbing, agility training, and learning new commands. Keeping your dog moving and entertained is especially important during the winter months, whether you’re indoors or on an outside adventure. 

At Copper Canyon Labradoodles, our dogs are raised on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. We understand the importance of proper winter care for our furry friends and suggest you invest in quality dog booties to protect them from frostbite and harsh chemicals on the salted roads. No matter the age or size of your dog, they need the same protection from the harsh elements that humans need.

If you want another pup to join you on your winter activities, we encourage you to check out our expected litters and fill out a puppy adoption application online. Enjoy some cold-weather fun this winter season with a loving Australian Labradoodle.