Pump Up Your Pup’s Playtime with Fun Gadgets

Dogs provide us with endless amounts of fun and are great companions for everyday activities. A dog is much more than just an animal; they are an extension of us and have unique needs just as we do. In the summer months, we see a lot of pets who are out and about in the… Read more »

Summer is Coming – And Your Pup Needs Sunscreen, Too

Many people feel that their pet is as much of a family member as their human counterparts, so why spare them the same body protection that you provide for yourself? In this case, we are talking about protecting your pooch from the potentially harmful effects that the sun can have on our bodies. To provide… Read more »

We Know You Mean Well: Avoid These Common Puppy-Raising Mistakes

Raising a puppy can be a challenging task, especially for first-time puppy owners. While we know that you’re doing your best, there is a lot of information out there about raising pups that can lead you in the wrong direction. Here are some common puppy-raising mistakes that you should avoid so that you and your… Read more »

Socializing Your Pup and Instilling Good Manners

Socializing Your Puppy

Socializing your puppy can seem a little daunting if you’re a new pet owner, but socialization is a hugely important part of your puppy’s upbringing. Pups that aren’t socialized when they are young will be more frightened when encountering children, people or even other dogs, and therefore tend to act more aggressive towards strangers and… Read more »

5 Tips to for a Happy, Healthy Puppy

We love our pets like they are a member of our family, and in most ways, they are. We want every new family to enjoy the company of their furry friend for many years, which is why we offer new puppy parents many suggestions to help ensure that their pup has a long, healthy life…. Read more »

Criteria to Use When Searching for a New Puppy

When you decide to add a new four-legged member to your family, you want them to be a perfect match, which means you need to choose your dog wisely. You’re going to have to do some research on different breeds, as choosing solely on looks may not lead you in the right direction or find… Read more »

Here Are 5 Reasons Why The Australian Labradoodle Is So Popular

Here Are 5 Reasons Why The Australian Labradoodle Is So Popular

More and more we are hearing about the Australian Labradoodle breed and it’s not just because they have a cool sounding name. This breed is particularly smart, loving and barely sheds hair. If you’re thinking about an addition to your family, the Labradoodle is just for you. Service & Therapy Dogs Australian Labradoodles make fantastic… Read more »

Australian Labradoodle Therapy Dog First In NYC Courtroom

Australian Labradoodle Therapy Dog First In NYC Courtroom

Recently, a 30- year-old woman (who cannot be named) was testifying at a sentencing hearing in a Brooklyn courtroom against her ex-boyfriend. As the woman was testifying and sharing her painful story, she reached out and hugged Paz, her 5-year-old Australian Labradoodle therapy dog. A spokesman for the district attorney’s office said this was the… Read more »

Get Your Dog Ready For Your Newborn

It is always exciting bringing a new family member home whether it’s a new dog or a new child. However, when a dog has been with a family for a good amount of time and a baby is going to be introduced, steps will need to be taken to get your four legged friend acclimated… Read more »

Getting Puppies from Expected Litters

Getting Puppies from Expected Litters

The best way to adopt the perfect puppy for your family is to find a litter that had wonderful parents. Here at Copper Canyon, we’re really excited about this new litter! Both of these dogs are very well behaved, and we are sure that their litter will be nothing short of adorable!   Shadow is… Read more »