How to Prepare Your Dog for a Trip to the Groomers

How should you prepare your dog for the groomers? Well, for most dog owners, the reason they’re sending their pet to the groomers is to have their dog’s nails trimmed. With that in mind, it makes sense to get your dog used to people touching his or her paws. The more comfortable your dog is… Read more »

Tips For Celebrating Your Dog’s Birthday

Celebrating a Dog's Birthday

It has often been said that most people love their dogs as if they were their children. And in some cases, they love them more than their actual children! Either way, one thing is for sure– people love their pet dogs Celebrating the birthday of a dog has become increasingly trendy. Some people might think… Read more »

The Benefits of Using Doggy Daycare for Socializing With Other Dogs

The Benefits of Doggy Daycare

Just like humans communicate with one another, dogs do, too. If dogs had a language, you could call it “dogese.” They’ll “talk” with each other from an early age on, sharing information such as “I want to play,” “Don’t approach him or her,” or “Shall we invite him into our little group here?” If you… Read more »

Interesting Information About Australian Labradoodles

Australian Labradoodles

What if the genes from a Poodle and a Labrador Retriever mixed? You’d get the Australian Labradoodle! As a crossbreed, the Australian Labradoodle originated when the Labradoodle Association of Australia and the International Australian Labradoodle Association decided to create a purebred dog, differentiated from others because of a set of traits specific to its kind…. Read more »

Reasons to Add an Australian Labradoodle to Your Home

Australian Labradoodles

What are some reasons you should consider adding an Australian Labradoodle to your home? Loyal Friend First, Australian Labradoodles live up to the “dog is man’s best friend” adage. If you’re looking for the kind of dog who’ll pal around with you, love you unconditionally, and be the kind of pet you can’t wait to… Read more »

Are Australian Labradoodles Good Family Dogs?

Australian Labradoodles

Copper Canyon of Chemainus, British Columbia, is known for breeding exceptional quality non-shedding Australian Labradoodle puppies. Located on the east coast of southern Vancouver Island, Copper Canyon Labradoodles has provided many families with puppies to make their home whole. For those who are unfamiliar with Labradoodles– these adorable dogs are very intelligent and easy to… Read more »

Why the Sense of Smell is So Important to Dogs

As humans, we utilize multiple senses to make sense of our world, but we tend to pay less attention to smell than to other senses. Dogs, on the other hand, make extensive use of their sense of smell. Here’s why the sense of smell is so important to dogs. Dogs have an incredibly powerful and… Read more »

Things to Do Before Adding a Puppy to Your Home


The idea of adding a cute little puppy to your home can elicit feelings of excitement and joy. Keep in mind, though, that the reality of adding a puppy to your home is a lot different, because it requires work on your part. That dog can’t take care of itself. Are you truly prepared for… Read more »

What Do Dogs Teach Us About Life?

Dogs make wonderful companions and pets and have long been known as “man’s best friend” for good reasons. In addition to being great company, dogs are also able to share plenty of lessons with their human companions. These are a few of the things that dogs teach us about life. Unconditional love Dogs seem to… Read more »